About Us

Chris Chase and Drew Whitcomb, our co-founders, founded AdmShoes in 2023 because they couldn’t find reliable and comprehensive shoe reviews online.

We publish in-depth assessments of athletic technology, apparel, sporting products, and footwear. The thorough evaluation and testing procedures utilised by our seasoned team of AdmShoes are created to offer suggestions and insights that assist customers in choosing the finest footwear and clothing for them. Our main objective is to make our readers more time and money efficient.

Many of our readers base their purchases on the information we offer because of our recommendations and level of knowledge. We preserve our independence from brands and provide upfront and honest assessments on all the products we examine because our readers rely on us for reliable reviews.

Our work is occasionally (but not usually) supported by affiliate commissions from merchants if a purchase is made utilising our links. Our fee becomes zero if you decide not to keep the item and return it to the seller. Regardless of whether we have an affiliate arrangement, we only suggest the best items. We make it clear to all of our retail partners that serving our readers is our first priority. AdmShoes wouldn’t exist the way it does today without its readers. The support readers provide is crucial. Every day we are able to pursue our passions thanks to their trust, and we are committed to keeping them safe.

Please email us if you have any questions that were not addressed by a review on the website. Our staff enjoys answering your inquiries and guiding you toward the appropriate sporting apparel and footwear.

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