Best Field Hockey Shoes | Men and Women’s Buyers Guide [Updated 2023]

The field hockey shoe is an essential element of any field hockey kit. They are worn all over the world by players across different fields. Purchasing top field hockey footwear is essential to protect yourself and ensure optimal game performance.

Good field hockey shoes are essential for a good grip when quickly turning and running on the field you’re playing. The best hockey shoes protect fastballs and hard sticks during practice and game sessions.

Here are a few things to think about when picking the perfect set of Field Hockey Shoes

Fitment: Your shoes must be properly fitted. Too loose and your feet moving around, or too tight, you’ll feel uncomfortable. But, with a snug shoe, you can stretch your feet. They are too large, and if they’re not designed for a growing child, they won’t be able to perform. Try to have a thumb wide of space (1/2 1/8″) from the tip of your toe to the top of your shoe. Make sure you are wearing thick hockey socks!

Cushioning: A cushioned sole is essential to cushion the impact on your knees and feet when running.

Weight: The heavier, the better, as it allows you to move quickly in your steps.

Protection: A quality pair of specially designed Field Hockey Shoes will provide sturdy protection for your heel and toe. They will help you feel more confident when facing the tackle.

Our Top Picks: Best Field Hockey Shoes

Image Product Details   Price
41dwmox-d6L._AC_UY500_ Osaka Kai Field Hockey Turf Shoe ·Rubber sole
·The Kai is designed to be used generically across all surfaces and conditions
·Lightweight, full contact outsole
·Water resistant upper
·Rounded edge outsole
·Heel lock lacing
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51Y09nQn-CL._AC_UY500_ ASICS Women’s Gel-Lethal MP7 Turf Shoes · Synthetic-and-mesh
· Rubber sole
·Synthetic leather upper provides exceptional stability
·Take every stride in comfort with GEL cushioning to absorb impact
·Multi-studded rubber outsole provides excellent traction on artificial surfaces
·Keep agile with excellent grip and a pivot point on the sole for quick 360° turning
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71K0QhROgkL._AC_UY500_ adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat · Leather /Synthetic
·Rubber sole
·Vendor Name: ADIDAS
·Style No: 019228
·Material : Leather /Synthetic
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61n8ZcoOFSL._AC_SX569_ Harrow Typhoon Indoor Court Shoe Navy/Lime ·Advanced web matrix technology
·Additional support in footbed
·Increased cushioning
·Low profile
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81FL94AeADL._AC_UX500_ adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat ·Leather /Synthetic
·Rubber sole
·Vendor Name: ADIDAS
·Style No: 019228
·Material : Leather /Synthetic
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71BpiMnGRPL._AC_UX500_ Under Armour Women’s Glyde Rm Softball Shoe ·Made in the USA or Imported
·Rubber sole
·Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation
·Where we started? It all started with an idea to build a superior T-shirt
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71LvlF3FB4L._AC_UX500_ Mizuno Men’s Surface Ambition 2 Turf Shoe 13 ·Made in the USA or Imported
·Rubber sole
·L Shaped Studs: For enhanced grip and less deformation.
·Full Length Midsole: Heel to toe cushioning for ultimate comfort.
·EVA Midsole
·U4icX Strobel Lasting Board: Ensures a comfortable underfoot feel.
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81FL94AeADL._AC_UX500_ (1) adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat ·Leather /Synthetic
·Rubber sole
·Vendor Name: ADIDAS
·Style No: 019228
·Material : Leather /Synthetic
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Reviews: Best Field Hockey Shoes


Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Shoes

There is only one distinction between women’s and men’s field hockey footwear the sizes and colours. Although most are classified as women or men, do not be deterred from selecting either.

Why do some of the best field Hockey Shoes Look Clumsy?

You may wonder why the field hockey shoes appear slightly sloppy and have heels, raised soles, and heels. But there’s an answer to the chaos. The raised soles on the first guards against hard hockey balls that could hit at speeds up to 100 mph and, secondly, collisions with sticks that are not straight. This is also true for the heel region.

The best field hockey footwear is lightweight but not brittle or strong. Look over our size guides to select the most appropriate size for you.

Are Cleats or Studs on Hockey Shoes Important?

The grip of hockey shoes is among the most crucial factors in deciding on the best or the best field hockey footwear. First, you must determine the field you’re playing. Then, select shoes that have the right cleat or stud size. Many leading manufacturers aim to make their cleats/studs for synthetic pitches made of water since water-based pitches are among the most commonly used today.

  • Turf shoes typically come with smaller cleats and studs, which provide greater grip on the turf.
  • If you’re practising in the grass, you’ll require bigger studs or cleats; otherwise, you’ll be sliding about
  • For indoor hockey, you’ll need flat soles

Go for Waterproofed Field Hockey Shoes

Waterproofing has been a major characteristic of the finest field hockey footwear. This is because of the widespread use of water-based pitches. The feet that are soaked in water can create an unpleasant playing experience.

Wet socks and damp feet reduce your speed. This is why some companies have created inner socks with high sides to the ankles. In addition, the best producers will employ the most recent breathable and waterproof fabrics to remove moisture from the surface.

Because searching for the top field hockey footwear can be quite daunting, We’ve done the legwork for you. Here’s a list of the most effective field hockey footwear to consider.

Best Value Option

1. OSAKA Hockey KAI Mk1

The most value-for-money and most flexible unisex Best Field Hockey shoe on the market in 2023 . Made with the sport in mind, The KAI is the smallest sister to the most popular Best field hockey footwear that is Osaka IDO Mk1. 

In the beginning, you’ll notice that the shoe is light the shoe is. It is designed to be light, not absorbing water as you play. This is done by a water-resistant upper coupled with a thin tongue that doesn’t absorb water.

From the sole down, start to design around the shape of your foot. The midsole is extremely comfortable and offers excellent absorption. The rounded sole provides complete protection against contact, adding extra confidence to your sport. In the underside of this shoe, I noticed the multi-directional sole that can be used across various surfaces, including grass, Astro, and indoors. I love that I can put on the KAI shoes from my home to the gym and even play on the field – it’s so flexible!


  • Super light-weight Hockey shoe
  • Reinforced toe box at the front to guard against strikes by balls
  • The lacing system is designed to lock your heel and helps to keep your heel in place within the shoe
  • A drop of 10mm from the front to the back of the shoe.
  • Multi-functional for all surfaces
  • Great value for the money


    2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Lethal MP7 Turf Shoes

    These ladies’ turf boots are influenced by trail running. Light enough, they offer a great grip for the fastest of athletes.

    Created and designed to meet the requirements of novice players to the most ardent amateurs. With Gel cushioning and a padded sole, these shoes, like most ASICS, can absorb impacts.

    Made of durable rubber sole and a high-quality synthetic upper. They offer superior water resistance. Available in a variety of colours to match the majority of uniforms.


    • Comfortable Gel cushioning
    • Good resistance to water
    • Do not require breaking in


      3. Osaka IDO Mk1

      My top Field Hockey Shoe for 2023 was a simple choice. The standout is it’s the Osaka IDO Mk1 is my personal favorite and the most popular for Field Hockey Turf Shoes. Although not exclusively designed for males but they also have an incredibly slim size for women too!

      The process of making the remarkable design took more than two years! The design was the result of collaboration between a variety of elite athletes, as well as the Ex Nike Shoe Engineer. What was most striking the first time I put on the shoes was how light they felt. Together with the distinctive sole is what makes them worth the price.


      • The decoupling split sole, with each part functioning independently, allowing for more flexibility for your foot
      • Round and molded heel to provide a snug fit,
      • the SLING system blocks feet from moving across the sole while changing directions
      • Made out of mesh that is engineered which is light and doesn’t soak up water.
      • Toebox Protection to reduce the force when hit in the front
      • O-spot on the sole that supports the junction beneath the cuboid bone on the foot
      • Multi-directional tread pattern that provides the best grip in every phase of play
      • The height of the stack is 8mm, that is lower than many to help keep your feet closer to the surface


        4. ASICS Gel-Hockey Typhoon 3 Men’s Hockey Shoes

        ASICS is a major actor in the world of hockey shoes market. Its ASICS Gel-Hockey Typhoon 3 Men’s Hockey Shoes are well-liked by professional athletes. The vamp construction is new and lets the forefoot free up and makes your feet more flexible. They look stunning, come with many key features, and are available in two different colors.

        With a synthetic leather upper that has been toughened the shoes are very well waterproofed and keep the feet dry as well as protected from wet turf. The high, padded feet and the heels are also stylish. ASICS GEL cushioning is a silicone-like material that absorbs shocks and shields your feet from abrasions and strikes. The liner for your socks is a perfect complement to the waterproofing to ensure that your feet are kept dry.

        You can sprint, slow down and change your pace at any time with the help of the larger studs. A light Solyte midsole aids in making with the GEL-HOCKEY 3 provide a great bounce when playing on a sand or water-based pitch. The creators behind these shoes have ensured that all feet are elevated to shield against sticks and hard balls. The forefoot and rearfoot cushioning gel system reduces the shock of impact and toe-off phases, and allows flexibility in different planes. The sock liner that is removable is a fantastic feature that is washable in a separate manner.

        This shoe is a perfect fit for hockey boxes.


        • Superb cushioning at the midsole.
        • A high level of grip
        • Outstanding waterproofing
        • The washable, removable liner for socks is washable and removable.
        • Shoes that are innovative and unique


          5. Adidas Fabela Rise Hockey Shoes

          The Adidas Fabela Rise Hockey Shoes by Adidas is a fantastic bargain choice. Ideal for novices looking to get better at their game, all the way to professional athletes who are aware of what is needed in the Hockey shoe.

          A two-tone exposed upper mesh lets your feet breathe while allowing plenty of flexibility through your foot. Furthermore, the insoles are made of open-cell foam. This allows air to circulate and helps to keep the feet cool. For your security, EcoOrtholite is an environmentally sustainable product.

          To grip for grip, the synthetic lugs on the rubber outsole are moulded to give an excellent grip. They are topped off with foil-covered synthetic layers, which provide good protection against impact while helping to improve the midfoot area.

          Available in several different colour schemes based on the country you’re in.


          • Traxion Outsole
          • 2-Tone Mesh Upper
          • Impact Protection Zones
          • Eco Ortholite Insole


            Another fantastic but harder-to-locate alternative can be found in the Adidas Fabela Rise Hockey Shoes Field Hockey Shoe. They are the most expensive model by Adidas. They are great; however, the primary difference from the lower-priced Rise version lies in its sole. With a shorter, tighter cleat, the Fabela X Empower is perfect for astroturf. However, it isn’t as versatile as rising.

            6. Under Armour Women’s Glory Turf Lacrosse Shoe

            Under Armour Women’s Glory Turf Lacrosse Shoe described as Lacrosse sneakers, have proven incredibly appropriate for Field Hockey. They look fantastic but are also functional and comfortable.

            The primary benefit of these sneakers is the light style. This is because of an upper made of synthetic and a super light toe-box. Because of this mini-lug sole, you can expect great grip and stability on grass and turf.

            A common complaint with these shoes is their sizing. They are generally on the smaller side. So, take a step up to make sure you’re adequately covered.


            • Lightweight
            • Die-cut EVA sock liner for comfort
            • Ideal for dry and turf grass


            • Sizes can be a bit snug.
            • It is not much protection for your toes in case balls hit you.

            7. Kookaburra Alpha Hockey Shoes

            Kookaburra is an incredibly reputable Australian field hockey maker with a history going all the way to 1890. It is among the most reliable firms in Australian sporting products.

            Specially created for hockey specifically, the Kookaburra Alpha Hockey Shoes offer exceptional traction for acceleration and are also engineered to offer comfort and toughness to allow you to be faster than ever!

            It has excellent shock absorption for safety. The front support was made to help reduce the impact of shockwaves generated by sticks and balls. It is equipped with a coated mesh upper that provides long-lasting water resistance.

            A sophisticated EVA midsole also aids shock absorption, and a perforated innersole is comfortable.

            They are a good option for mid- to the low-end shoe.


            • Stitch-free toe box reinforced to provide extra protection
            • Acclaimed hockey-specific outsole that gives excellent grip
            • Mid Cut trainer-style hockey shoe that has a natural, larger shoe
            • Advanced EVA midsole with better shock absorption
            • Q-Lock Lacing System creates a solid mid-foot grip to prevent sliding of the foot in dynamic movements


              8. Adidas Hockey Lux Field Hockey Trainers

              Adidas Hockey Lux shoes are a great alternative and among the most stylish hockey shoes on the market, which is not uncommon for Adidas. In addition to the light style, you’ll also enjoy the snug fitting of Lux.

              One of the unique characteristics you’ll find in these Adidas Basketball Lux shoes is the Neoprene collar. This gives you all the support you need to withstand mud and water. Keep your feet dry and away from water while you are playing.

              Adidas Hockey Lux Field Hockey Shoes were designed with the highest quality. They are among the lightest hockey shoes available on the market. With a TPU-based outsole, they provide excellent grip on grass. A higher toe and heel won’t seem flimsy, and the Lux won’t be out of place when walking to the park or the market. The high tongue protects sticks and balls and is an ideal fit.

              They are, as they say, top hockey shoes for a reasonable cost.


              • A lightweight, durable synthetic upper
              • TPU outsole to provide great grip
              • Snug fitting design



                This list lists the finest field hockey boots you can buy for present-day playing fields. Quality for the money and design features like lightness, durability, waterproofing, and protection are all important to consider when choosing new hockey shoes. Choose a pair of shoes with the right size cleats or studs, and ensure they’re waterproof if you wish to become a professional player.

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